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Centrifugal Chemical Process Pumps

We are offering our Chemical process pumps that have an high output yielding capacity. The electric motor and the diffuser used in it are highly efficient and can provide adequate pressure to the pump without getting over heated. The rotating fan provided with it can rotate the liquid in a swift way for optimum centrifuge and can also cool the motor once the process is complete. The Pump casing present inside is provides resistance of the liquid flow and saves fuel from getting wasted or used excessively. Furthermore, all its modern accessories are covered by a body made of stainless material. Due to this, they do not get corroded or degraded even after long term use.

Added features

  • Have robust designing and do not show any signs of error while working.
  • Requires low maintenance and have long servicing life.
  • Produces good amount of output result and is efficient in conserving fuel.
  • Have easy installation process and simple functioning.

PP Centrifugal Process Pumps
PP Centrifugal Process Pumps
During our early stage of working with the pump industry and specially in the Chemical pump section , we found that the main problem faced by the user of Chemical pumps was leakage from the seal and maintenance & breakdown occurring frequently due to it.

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