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Monoblock Chemical Centrifugal Pumps

We are offering our Monoblock Chemical centrifugal pumps that are widely used in the transferring of acids, alkalis and other corrosive chemicals from one container to other. These centrifugal pumps are made out of superior quality of polypropylene. Being made out of an alloy of iron and carbon, these pumps are entirely light weighted and also provides it resistance from any internal and external degradation. The pumping liquids can attain high temperature and the cooling fan can immediately cool it down without getting overheated. The suction capacity of these pumps is outstanding and the liquid present inside do not react with the machine parts thus, making it free from any abrasion and leakage. Being fire-proof and having hard outer surface, these pumps can be used in a variety of fields like fire fighting, irrigation, chemical factories and many more.

Added features
  • Has a sprinkler system that is suitable for irrigation and watering purposes.
  • The outer surface is tough and strong to provide it safety from outer pollutants.
  • Have a balanced construction and an effective air-lock system.
  • Easy to maintain and also very simple to install and use.
SS Centrifugal Pumps
SS Centrifugal Pumps
Series CFP
Complete SS 316 Horizontal centrifugal pumps with High head, High discharge design. Hydraulically balance impeller gives better economy and lower power consumption.

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